HUM-H332 — Don Quixote — Winter 2019–2020

This table shows what you should do for each classday; all work should be completed before the start of class on the date for which it’s listed. To put it another way, tests are listed on the day they will be given and assignments on the day they are due.

assignments for week nine
Monday, 10 February Today we will discuss Part Two, Chapters 44–57, which covers the second part of the adventures with the Duke and Duchess. Since this is too much to read in our ten week term, we will read a summary of these chapters beginning here* and we will examine various key portions of the text more closely in class.
Also, after reading the on-line summary, please read Part two, Chapter 54, which introduces the character of Ricote. Note that the pilgrims referenced here are religious pilgrims, who would be traveling to visit a shrine of some sort.
* (see my previous note about plot summaries)
Report The expulsion of the Moriscos from Spain
Project Two is due today!
Tuesday, 11 February Reading Part Two, Chapters 58–64 (read just the first few paragraphs of chapter 64, just through the end of the previous adventure)
Reading Questions
• Do you find anything funny and / or ironic about the scene where Quixote tries to pull Sancho’s pants down?
• Why are the bodies hanging from the trees? What effect do you think this is supposed to have? Do you think it is working? Why or why not?
• What do you think of the episode of Claudia Jerómica? What is its role in the novel?
• Do you find anything funny and / or ironic about the scene at the end of chapter 60 with the people on the road to Barcelona?
Thursday, 13 February Reading Part Two, Chapters 64–66
Reading Questions
• How do you interpret these chapters in light of the various practices for dealing with mental illness and the nature of mental illness itself?
Friday, 14 February ReadingPart Two, Chapters 67–71
Reading Questions
• The painter Orbaneja is mentioned again in these chapters; is anything the same or different about the reference and its context from the first time he was mentioned in Part One, Chapter 3?
• Who do you think has changed more over the course of the two parts of the Quixote, don Quixote or Sancho? In what ways have they changed and what has brought about these changes?
• Why do you think don Quxote now wants to take responsibility for his “sins” and accept their consequences?